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“Those who look forward to CADS’ annual productions (and that would be most of us) will not be disappointed with the latest offering - ‘Legs 11 - Off the Wall.’ But this time around there seems a more confident and in some ways a more professional look about the production.

Some might be a bit mystified by the title, but this reviewer can guarantee a night of music and amusement that would find appreciation in much bigger towns than ours. The first thing about ‘Legs’ that strikes the eye (literally) is the lighting. Over the years CADS has expanded its stage equipment and its know-how.

Robert Bill has provided an attractive stage setting that allows for the quick entrances and exits necessary - and his son Simon (with assistance from Nioka Bill and Jessica Morgan) has designed a dramatic lighting system that dramatises the entrances in particular, and chimes in with the theme of the music.

The basis for all CADS musical productions is the quality of the singing - and in this area ‘Legs’ is right up there with the best. The chorus singing is as good as it has ever been, with more adventurous harmonising and ‘part’ singing which is carried off beautifully. The choice of songs ranges from the old favourites (which never seems to pall) and more modern offerings which obviously struck a chord with the audience on the night this viewer attended. The introduction of a more serious note in the presentation of ‘Imagine’ and ‘Hallelujah’, both beautifully sung and presented, was extremely well received.

But of course, the keynote of any CADS production is fun - and again, there were laughs aplenty. The humorous skits hit the mark, and the pace of the presentation allows no dull moments. The old favourites are in top form: Darren O’Brien, Chris Croker, Rhonda Cummins, Beth Pidoux, Janice Ciocca and so on keep the laughs coming. Darren again shows his versatility, and not just as a comedian. Last year ‘Buckets’ and friends brought the house down as the ‘Three Tenors’. This year they get right into the action with the Four Seasons (disguised as the Jersey Caramels) into the action - and got an equally great response. And look for the ‘Lords in Tight Pants’ for some hilarious dancing.

Once again we are indebted to the talents of people like Helen Lowe and Helen Campbell for the fine singing, Stan Henderson as choreographer and Directors Rhonda Cummins and Anne Cleary for bringing splendid entertainment to our stage. And the Company as a whole, because the dedication, time and hard work to produce a programme like this is very considerable indeed.

But what is always apparent with these CADS musicals is the obvious enjoyment those involved derive from the performance - a spirit the audiences obviously find contagious. CADS can be proud of what they do and we the audience can be proud of what this small community of ours can achieve. Do yourself a favour and make sure you attend one of the performances and judge for yourself. - BMD